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Walking with the Dynasty – Bisalpur Village has a population of over 4000 people, who still respect the Thakur and his family and consider him their leader and supporter. A walk through the town with the family is truly matchless; visiting the Rabari Shepherds, the weavers, the potters, the sweet makers and the iron smiths in their homes, is an integral part of your visit to Bisalpur. The walk has surprises in store for you, around every corner. The walk ends at Ashapura Mataji Temple, the seat of the head priest of the Rabari community.

The Bisalpur Farm Picnic – Spending a day out in the fields under shade of the trees and staring at the clouds while counting a fly-past of cormorants is a great way to unwind during your travels in Rajasthan. We can pack a lovely picnic with Nimbu Paani, hot lunch and afternoon tea.

Jawai’s Safari – Heading out in an off-road vehicle across the rough terrain of the Aravallis' in search of the elusive Indian leopard. At the Jawai hills, your chances of sighting this magnificent creature increases manifold, as the density of leopards in the area is high. Our family has been sighting leopards since even before the Rawla was built.

G&T’s by the Lake – Heading for an Indian sunset by the Jawai Lake, fully kitted with chairs, rugs and G&T’s – a good way to end your stay at Bisalpur. 

Twitcher's Trail - The Jawai Lake is home to over 200 species of migratory birds. The lake is an ideal place to sit with your loved ones, your binoculars, and your favourite tipple, as you marvel at these exotics.

Cooking with the first ladyKunwarani Bhagyawanti Sodha is hands down one of the best chef's this side of the Marwar, and if you're lucky she may just demonstrate the family's two hundred year old recipes to you.

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