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Food & Drink

All meals, snacks and refreshments are served at the Palace and we plan the menus according to the season. The kitchens of the Rawla are in the direct charge of its first-lady, Kunwarani Bhagyawanti Sodha.

The menus comprise of traditional Rajput (warrior) cuisine and local Rajasthani favourites. We try to source as much fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices as we can from our own fields in Bisalpur; so feel free to plan your own menu based on what's in season and what your appetite craves.

Our family recipes include Bisalpur Rajwada Smoked Daal, Godwad Lamb, onion tempered yoghurt curry, Jodhpur Mustard Chicken Curry, Rawla poppadums and dumplings, minceed Daabeli Sliders and baked pudding.   

We bake our own Indian bread and make our own pickles, jams and sauces. Freshly squeezed Nimbu Paani, cooling Khus Juice with Wheat Grass and Rose Water are always available. If you fancy a steaming hot cup of the Rawla’s famous cardamom spiced tea, the same is available every at every sunrise and sunset.

Do let our staff know what time you would like to be served "Bed Tea" in your room, and when you would like to sit down for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We can also organise a picnic-style meals, should you be heading out for an entire day of adventure, and depending on the time of the day.

Dinner is usually served as a sit-down meal in the lantern-lit intimacy of our erstwhile horse stables – The Rewat Chowk or in one of our gardens, along with your hosts and any other guests in residence. Dinners' at the Rawla are stimulating, amusing and always aptly spiced (pun intended).


Dinner is served between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.


Kindly let us know if you would like to dine separately and this can be organised.

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