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A hard-won campaign for our motherland and the Bisalpur estate with its 24 villages was established. It is the head-seat of this region, located in the heart of Jawai. After winning this land, work started on developing the area, and integrating the families and their wide range of expertise. To this day, these families visit the Rawla and help in its day-to-day running.
The numerously photographed and trendsetting Rabari have been an indelible part of Bisalpur; from grazing the estate herds to taking care of the temples. Being the head of the village, we have always helped our people in each and every way possible. Everything from helping them set up small businesses to resolving disputes, from providing them with employment to ensuring the development and updation of their skills is done by us.
The elusive leopard has been living in and around our lands for centuries. This harmony and co-existence being the effect of our people having embraced this animal as a part of our family, and an enduring part of our daily lives. Our childhood was spent watching and hearing the growls and rasping yowls of the great-grandparents of these leopards outside the walls of the Rawla. We are in harmony with nature, and the myriad of wildlife we share our lands with. 
Prior to independence from colonial rule, the menfolk of our family not only took care of their people, but were also active in the British Indian Army. Post-independence saw our family take an active part in politics and the further development of our lands. We helped our people enter the modern, newly-liberalised India by getting them the earliest access to new government schemes and employment opportunities, and continue to do so to the present. We have helped develop the villages through construction of new buildings and inter-village metalled roads; the latter allowing the expeditious and uninterrupted transport of crops to the nearest towns. Thakur Prithvi Singh Deora was a member of the Legislative Assembly, Sarpanch of the Bisalpur panchayat, and the chairman of the Agriculture Marketing Board.
The people continue to hold the Bisalpur family in the highest of regard. All village festivals and functions are still held under the guidance of the family. To this day, the people of the community come to wish the Thakur family on festivals such as Holi and Deepavali, where they discuss current issues of the villages, and their plans for the future. 
We are in essence, a community within a community

The idea behind Rawla Bisalpur Boutique Palace Hotel, was to open the palace in a responsible and sustainable way, to the intrepid and enthusiastic traveller. Our aim is to showcase the traditional way of living, and our way of life, to our guests. Our hotel endeavours to pamper your taste buds with sustainable and organic produce sourced locally from the village farms. Our 4 rooms are almost plastic-free, and we help the local industry by providing camel milk soaps made by the semi-normadic Rabaris’ . Water harvesting and energy efficient lighting are other responsible measures we have introduced. 

So, do come visit us. Embrace the sustainable and eco-conscious Rawla Bisalpur lifestyle.

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